2009 Papua earthquakes

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2009 Papua earthquakes
Papua earthquake shakemap.jpg
UTC time Doublet earthquake:    
  A: 2009-01-03 19:43:55
  B: 2009-01-03 22:33:42
ISC event  
  A: 13989025
  B: 13989020
  A: ComCat
  B: ComCat
Local date January 4, 2009
Local time
  A: 7.6 Mw (GCMT)[1]
  B: 7.4 Mw (GCMT)[2]
Depth 30 km (19 mi) [3]
Epicenter 0°30′S 132°44′E / .5°S 132.74°E / -.5; 132.74Coordinates: 0°30′S 132°44′E / .5°S 132.74°E / -.5; 132.74
Type Thrust [4]
Areas affected Indonesia
Max. intensity A: VI (Strong)[5] B: VIII (Severe)[6]
Tsunami 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in) [7]
Casualties 4 dead, dozens injured

The 2009 Papua earthquakes occurred on January 4 local time in Indonesia's West Papua province. The very large earthquake doublet comprised a magnitude 7.6 initial shock that had a maximum Mercalli intensity of VI (Strong) and a second very large event that had a moment magnitude of 7.4 and a maximum Mercalli intensity of VIII (Severe). The events took place less than three hours apart to the east-northeast of Sorong on the Bird's Head Peninsula and left at least four people dead and dozens injured.

An official of World Vision International, a humanitarian aid organization, said ten buildings had been totally destroyed, including several hotels and the house of a government official. Officials said three people, who had been staying at the Mutiara hotel in the city of Manokwari, were pulled alive from the rubble and taken to a hospital. Two hotels collapsed in the quake. There have been twenty-three aftershocks above magnitude 5.0 and another at magnitude 6.0. The earthquakes were also felt in nearby Papua New Guinea and Darwin, Australia.[8][full citation needed][9][full citation needed][10][full citation needed]

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