2008 Green National Convention

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2008 Green National Convention
2008 presidential election
Green Party of the United States New Logo.png
Cynthia McKinney.jpg NLN Rosa Clemente.jpg
McKinney and Clemente
Date(s) July 10–14, 2008
City Chicago, Illinois
Venue Palmer House Hilton (July 10, 11 and 13)
Symphony Center (July 12)
Presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney of Georgia
Vice Presidential nominee Rosa Clemente of New York
Other candidates Chm. Kat Swift (TX)
2004  ·  2012
2008 Green National Convention is located in the US
Saint Paul
Saint Paul
Kansas City
Kansas City
Sites of the 2008 national presidential nominating conventions

The 2008 Green National Convention took place on July 10–14, 2008 in Chicago, Illinois at the Palmer House Hilton and Symphony Center.[1] This served as both the venue for the Presidential Nominating Convention and the Annual Meeting of the Green Party of the United States.


The convention was headquartered at the historic Palmer House Hilton, while the nomination event itself took place at the nearby Symphony Center on July 12.[2]


The theme of the convention was, "Live Green, Vote Green".[2]


July 10

Main Events
  • Introductory news conference and a reception for international Greens.[2]
  • Welcome Reception with International Greens[3]
  • Evening Reception hosted by Rich Whitney[3]
Additional Events
  • Credentialing Committee meeting[3]
  • Accreditation Committee meeting[3]
  • Diversity Caucus meeting[3]
  • Platform Committee meeting[3]
  • Lavender Caucus meeting[3]
  • International Committee Meeting[3]
  • Ballot Access Committee Meeting[3]
  • National Women's Caucus[3]
  • New York State Caucus[3]
  • Bylaws, Rules, Policies & Procedures (BRPP) Committee Meeting[3]
  • California State Caucus[3]
  • Workshops:[3][4]

July 11

Main events
  • National Committee Meeting
  • News conferences for elected Greens, Green presidential candidates, and candidates for other offices[2]
  • Presidential Candidates Forum.[2] moderated by Rich Whitney[2][5]
  • Evening reception with John Nichols[3]
Other Events
  • Morning Yoga[3]
  • Eco-Action Committee meeting[3]
  • Presidential Candidate Support Committee meeting[3]
  • Outreach Committee meeting[3]
  • Black Caucus meeting[3]
  • Dispute Resolution Committee meeting[3]
  • Disability Caucus meeting[3]
  • Youth Caucus meeting[3]
  • Maine State Caucus meeting[3]
  • Latino Caucus meeting[3]
  • Workshops[3][4]
    • Fundraising 101 (featuring panelists LaVerne Butler, Angel Torres, George Martin, David Cobb, Jody Grange, Emily Citkowski, Tamar Yager)
    • The Role of Peace Movement in an Election Year (presented by Bruce Gagnon, Steve Shafarman and moderated by Ann Wilcox)
    • What is Central to the Green Message: Ecology? Democracy? Social Justice? (presented Gloria Mattera, Ben Manski and John Rensenbrink, moderated by Mary Beth Sullivan)
    • Sustainable Activism (presented by Alison Duncan)
    • The 60th Anniversaries of the Palestinian Catastrophe (Nakba) and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Green Party's Response
    • The Constitutional MAP for Voter Disenfranchisement
    • Update on NAFTA and the North American Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)
    • The Law of Diminishing Returns as a Principle for Deciding How to Deal with the Need to Reduce Consumption to Restore the Environment
    • Organizing Online for Everyone
    • Campaign Fundraising
    • Candidate Messaging
    • Making Green Food Choices – How our diet affects animals and the environment
    • Democratizing the Electoral College
    • Endless War and the Military-Industrial- Governmental Complex
    • Red, Black, Brown and 'Green': Positive Solutions to the Issues of Poverty, Immigration and Environment Destruction
    • A Democracy Movement for the U.S.A.
    • The Basic Income Guarantee - and the Power of Green Economics

July 12

Main events

July 13

Main events
  • National Committee meeting with the new presidential nominee[3]
Other events
  • Morning meditation led by Lewie Pell of the Network for Spiritual Progressives[3]
  • Green Alliance Meeting[3]
  • Workshops:[3]
    • Agrarian Revival at the End of Cheap Oil
    • What to say when you're called a spoiler: instant runoff voting & proportional representation
    • LGBT Activism: Recent Victories and Future Goals
    • History of US-Iranian Relations and Its Impact on Current Tensions Regarding Iranian Nuclear Power
    • Strategic Thinking for Campaigns
    • Elections for Radicals
Malik Rahim
Kathy Kelly


Notable speakers included:

Presidential nomination

The presidential nomination took place July 12 at Chicago's Symphony Center.[2]


On stage at the Symphony Center after Cynthia McKinney accepted the presidential nomination
Illinois delegation at the convention


2008 Green Party National Convention total vote count
Candidate National Convention
Cynthia McKinney 324 59.89%
Ralph Nader3 85½ 15.80%
Kat Swift 38½ 7.12%
Kent Mesplay 35 6.47%
Jesse Johnson 32½ 6.01%
Elaine Brown 9 1.66%
Jared Ball4 8 1.48%
No candidate 1.20%
Uncommitted 2 0.37%
1 "2008 Green Party Presidential Nomination Delegate Count". GPUS. July 3, 2008. 
2 "2008 Presidential Convention Ballot Results". GPUS. July 2008. 
3 Nader did not seek the Green Party nomination. His total includes 8 delegates from
Illinois where Howie Hawkins stood on the ballot in his place.
4 Endorsed Cynthia McKinney.

Running mate

After McKinney's nomination, the convention delegates selected her stated choice of running mate Rosa Clemente for the vice-presidential nomination through a voice vote of delegates.[11]


  • Official Press Release
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Video of Convention

  • State Delegate voting part 1
  • State Delegate voting part 2
  • Cynthia McKinney Acceptance Speech
  • Vote and Rosa Clemente Acceptance Speech
  • David Cobb Convention Speech
  • Malik Rahim Keynote Speech
  • Omar López Keynote Speech
  • Malik Rahim congressional candidate Louisiana
  • Jesse Johnson addresses Convention Delegates

External links

  • Official Convention Website
  • Green Party 2008 Campaign Web Page
  • Presidential Nomination Delegate Count
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