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  • June 1, Scottish Parliament Election. After nearly a month of ignoring the new First Minister of Scotland (Alex Salmond) Gordon Brown finally phones to congratulate Salmond on his electoral success. (BBC News-Chancellor congratulates Salmond)
  • June 1 - The European Union (EU) announces that talks with Serbia regarding its joining of the EU are expected to restart sometime in June. (BBC News-EU-Serbia talks 'resume in June')
  • June 2, UK. Deputy British Prime Minister John Prescott is taken to hospital with a suspected chest infection. BBC News-Ill Prescott remains in hospital
  • June 4, Alexander Litvinenko murder. President Vladimir Putin of Russia says that the UK's request for the extradition of Andrei Lugovoi (a former KGB agent) is "pure foolishness". BBC News-"Litvinenko Demand Foolish"-Putin
  • June 6, Spain. ETA announces an end to their ceasefire beginning at midnight due to the lack of progress made in negotiations with the Spanish government. BBC News
  • June 6, G8 Summit. The USA rejects a Carbon Dioxide emissions reduction agreement while protests continue outside the venue. BBC News-US Rejects German G8 Climate Goal
  • June 6, Scotland. Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon overturns the previous Labour/Liberal Democrats administration's decision to close two Accident and Emergency units at two hospitals. BBC News-A&E closure decisions overturned
  • June 14, Irish general election, 2007. Bertie Ahern is re-elected Taoiseach. The new government is a coalition of Fianna Fáil, the Progressive Democrats and the Green Party. Ahern re-elected as Ireland's PM
  • June 14, Scottish Parliament. MSPs support a Green Party motion opposing the renewal of the Trident missile system and its siting in Scotland. MSPs vote against Trident Renewal
  • June 14, Palestinian Territories. President Mahmoud Abbas dissolves the government in the face of Hamas attacks on government buildings and security forces loyal to Fatah.
  • June 15, EU Constitution. The UK government announces that there will not be a referendum on the revised EU constitution. BBC News-EU Treaty Referendum is Ruled Out
  • June 15, Palestinian Territories. President Abbas appoints a new Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad (an independent) and declares a State of emergency. BBC News-Abbas appoints new Palestinian PM
  • June 15, Iraq. The USA announces that all troops sent as part of the 2007 "surge" are in place and that the security situation should improve quickly. (BBC News-US Iraq troop surge 'starts now')
  • June 15, Malawi. In the 2007 Malawian political crisis, President Bingu wa Mutharika faces calls for early elections after a judge rules that members of parliament who were elected for other parties before switching to his party (estimated to be 70 out of all 193 sitting MPs) acted illegally. (BBC News-Court blow for Malawi president)
  • June 17, Israel. In an eerie echo of the Hezbollah Israel Conflict of 2006, two Katyusha rockets are fired into Israel from Southern Lebanon, although this is attributed to Palestinian militant groups rather than Hezbollah. (BBC News-Rockets From Lebanon Hit Israel)
  • June 24, Gordon Brown becomes leader of the British Labour Party. Harriet Harman is elected deputy leader of the Labour Party in a surprise result.
  • June 27, Tony Blair resigns as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Gordon Brown, former Chancellor of the Exchequer becomes Prime Minister.
  • June 29, two car bombs are discovered in London, England before they detonate and are defused. (Timeline: Failed Carbomb Attacks)
  • June 30, Glasgow Airport Bombing. A jeep is driven into the front of Glasgow International Airport and is set on fire in a suspected terrorist attack. Other than one of the perpetrators who suffers 90% burns, no one else is injured. (Timeline: Failed Carbomb Attacks)







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