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The 2007 Masters of Sprint was held on 6 January 2007 in Sportpaleis Ahoy in Rotterdam. The event was held for the first time and scheduled in between the 2007 Six Days of Rotterdam. Nine of the world's best track sprint cyclists challenged each other to crown the Master of sprint at the end of the day.


200 metre time trial

The riders started with a 200-metre time trial to place them into three series of three riders who were facing each other.

No. Rider Time Serie
1 Netherlands Theo Bos 10.702 1
2 Netherlands Tim Veldt 10.723 3
3 Scotland Craig MacLean 10.845 2
4 France Arnaud Tournant 10.866 1
5 Netherlands Teun Mulder 10.946 2
6 France François Pervis 10.993 3
7 Italy Roberto Chiappa 10.998 1
8 Germany Jan van Eijden 11.134 2
9 Netherlands Yondi Schmidt 11.243 3


In the series three riders faced each other in a sprint competition, with the winner qualifying automatically for the semi finals, while the others were forced to ride the repechages first.

No. Serie 1 Result
1 Netherlands Theo Bos Semi final
2 France Arnaud Tournant Repechage
3 Italy Roberto Chiappa Repechage
No. Serie 2 Result
1 Scotland Craig MacLean Semi final
2 Netherlands Teun Mulder Repechage
3 Germany Jan van Eijden Repechage
No. Serie 3 Result
1 Netherlands Tim Veldt Semi final
2 France François Pervis Repechage
3 Netherlands Yondi Schmidt Repechage


The losing riders of the series entered the repechages in three series of two riders, with the winners eventually qualifying for the semi finals.

No. Repechage 1 Result
1 Italy Roberto Chiappa Semi final
2 Germany Jan van Eijden 7th-9th
No. Repechage 2 Result
1 Netherlands Teun Mulder Semi final
2 Netherlands Yondi Schmidt 7th-9th
No. Repechage 3 Result
1 France Arnaud Tournant Semi final
2 France François Pervis 7th-9th

Semi finals

The semi finals existed of two series with three riders. The winners both qualified for the final, while those crossing the line in second position would be fighting for the bronze medal. The third finishers met each other in the fifth place decider.

No. Semi final 1 Result
1 Netherlands Theo Bos Final
2 France Arnaud Tournant 3rd-4th
3 Netherlands Teun Mulder 5th-6th
No. Semi final 2 Result
1 Scotland Craig MacLean Final
2 Italy Roberto Chiappa 3rd-4th
3 Netherlands Tim Veldt 5th-6th


In the finals Theo Bos outsprinted Craig McLean to become Master of Sprint. Arnaud Tournant claimed the bronze medal in his confrontation with Roberto Chiappa.

No. 7th-9th position Result
1 France François Pervis 7th
2 Germany Jan van Eijden 8th
3 Netherlands Yondi Schmidt 9th
No. 5th-6th position Result
1 Netherlands Teun Mulder 5th
2 Netherlands Tim Veldt 6th
No. 3rd-4th position Result
1 France Arnaud Tournant 3rd
2 Italy Roberto Chiappa 4th
No. 1st-2nd position Result
1 Netherlands Theo Bos 1st
2 Scotland Craig MacLean 2nd


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