2000 Cannes Film Festival

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2000 Cannes Film Festival
Official poster of the 53rd Cannes Film Festival featuring an original illustration by Italian artist Lorenzo Mattotti.[1]
Opening film Vatel
Closing film Stardom
Location Cannes, France
Founded 1946
Awards Palme d'Or (Dancer in the Dark)[3]
Hosted by Virginie Ledoyen
No. of films 23 (En Competition)[2]
22 (Un Certain Regard)
11 (Out of Competition)
13 (Cinéfondation)
11 (Short Film)
Festival date 14 May 2000 (2000-05-14) – 25 May 2000 (2000-05-25)
Website festival-cannes.com/en

The 53rd Cannes Film Festival started on 14 May and ran until 25 May 2000. French film director, screenwriter, and producer Luc Besson was the Jury President. The Palme d'Or went to the Danish film Dancer in the Dark by Lars von Trier.[4][5][6]

The festival opened with Vatel, directed by Roland Joffé[7][8] and closed with Stardom, directed by Denys Arcand.[9][10] Virginie Ledoyen was the mistress of ceremonies.[11]

2000 Un Certain Regard poster featuring a still of Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina by Bud Fraker[12]


Luc Besson, Jury President
Jane Birkin, Un Certain Regard Jury President

Main competition

The following people were appointed as the Jury for the feature films of the 2000 Official Selection:[13]

Un Certain Regard

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the 2000 Un Certain Regard:

  • Jane Birkin (actress)
  • Jan Schulz-Ojala
  • José Maria Prado (Director of the Filmoteca Española)
  • Marc Voinchet (critic)
  • Marie-Noëlle Tranchant (critic)
  • Noël Tinazzi (critic)

Cinéfondation and short films

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the Cinéfondation and short films competition:

Camera d'Or

The following people were appointed as the Jury of the 2000 Camera d'Or:

  • Otar Iosseliani (director) (Georgia) President
  • Caroline VIe-Toussaint (journalist) (France)
  • Céline Panzolini (cinephile) (France)
  • Eric Moulin (representative of the technical industries) (France)
  • Fabienne Bradfer (critic) (France)
  • Martial Knaebel (critic) (Germany)
  • Solveig Anspach (director) (France)
  • Yorgos Arvanitis (cinematographer) (Greece)

Official selection

In competition - Feature film

The following feature films competed for the Palme d'Or:[2]

Un Certain Regard

The following films were selected for the competition of Un Certain Regard:[2]

Films out of competition

The following films were selected to be screened out of competition:[2]


The following films were selected for the competition of Cinéfondation:[2]

  • Ascension by Malgoska Szumowska (Poland)
  • Course de nuit by Chuyên Bui Thac (Vietnam)
  • De janela pro cinema by Quia Rodrígues (Brazil)
  • Dessert by (Kinu'ach) Amit Sakomski (Israel)
  • Don't Miss the Killer (Mi sas xefygei o dolofonos) by Anastas Haralampidis (Greece)
  • Five Feet High and Rising by Peter Sollett (United States)
  • Indien by Pernille Fischer Christensen (Denmark)
  • Kiss It Up to God by Caran Hartsfield (United States)
  • Le vent souffle où il veut by Claire Doyon (France)
  • Leben 1, 2, 3 by Michael Schorr (Germany)
  • Nocturnal by Anna Viduleja (Letonia)
  • Breathing Under Water (Respirar (Debaixo d'água)) by António Ferreira (Portugal)
  • Shoot the Dog by Ariko Kimura (Japan)

Short film competition

The following short films competed for the Short Film Palme d'Or:[2]

  • 3 Minutes by Ana Luiza Azevedo
  • Shadows (Anino) by Raymond Red- Short Film Palme d'Or winner
  • Des morceaux de ma femme by Frédéric Pelle
  • Shut the Door (Døren som ikke smakk) by Jens Lien
  • Mieux ou moins bien ? by Jocelyn Cammack
  • S'Arretent by Anthony Mullins

Parallel sections

International Critics' Week

The following films were screened for the 39th International Critics' Week (39e Semaine de la Critique):[14]

Feature film competition

Short film competition

Directors' Fortnight

The following films were screened for the 2000 Directors' Fortnight (Quinzaine des Réalizateurs):[15]

Short films
  • A corps perdu by Isabelle Broué (France)
  • C’est bien la société by Valérie Pavia (France)
  • C'est pas si compliqué by Xavier De Choudens (France)
  • Derailed - extract from Phœnix Tape by Christoph Girardet, Matthias Müller (Germany)
  • Des larmes de sang by Valérie Mréjen (France)
  • Elisabeth by Valérie Mréjen (France)
  • Ferment by Tim Macmillan (Great Britain)
  • Flying Boys by Didier Seynave (Belgium)
  • Furniture Poetry (and Other Rhymes for the Camera) by Paul Bush (Great Britain)
  • Ghost by Steve Hawley (Great Britain)
  • Grüezi Wohl Fraü Stirnimaa… or Malou möter Ingmar Bergman och Erland Josephson by Sonja Wyss (Switzerland - Netherlands)
  • Head Stand by Lisa Robinson (United States)
  • In Absentia by The Brothers Quay (Great Britain)
  • Jocelyne by Valérie Mréjen (France)
  • La Brèche de Roland by Arnaud & Jean-Marie Larrieu
  • La Poire by Valérie Mréjen (France)
  • La Pomme, la Figue et l’Amande by Joël Brisse
  • La Vie heureuse by Valérie Pavia (France)
  • Le mur by Faouzi Bensaïdi (France)
  • Les Oiseaux en cage ne peuvent pas voler by Luis Briceño (France)
  • Look at Me by Peter Stel (Netherlands)
  • Love is All by Oliver Harrison (Great Britain)
  • L'Epouvantail or Pugalo by Alexander Kott (Russia)
  • Collision Course by Roberval Duarte (Brazil)
  • Rue Francis by François Vogel (France)
  • Salam by Souad El-Bouhati (France)
  • Still Life by Pekka Sassi (Finland)
  • The Morphology of Desire by Robert Arnold (United States)


Lars Von Trier, winner of the Palme d'Or at the event
Jiang Wen, Gran Prix winner

Official awards

The following films and people received the 2000 Official selection awards:[3][4][5]

In Competition

Un Certain Regard


Golden Camera

Short Films

Independent awards

FIPRESCI Prizes[16]

Commission Supérieure Technique

Ecumenical Jury[17]

Award of the Youth[5]

Awards in the frame of International Critics' Week[18]

Awards in the frame of Directors' Fortnight[18]

Association Prix François Chalais


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  • INA: List of winners of the 2000 festival and interviews (commentary in French)

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