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2. deild
Founded 1943
Country Faroe Islands
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams 10
Level on pyramid 3
Promotion to 1. deild
Relegation to 3. deild
Domestic cup(s) Faroe Islands Cup
Current champions EB/Streymur II (1st title)
Most championships HB Tórshavn II (4 titles)
2019 2. deild

2. deild, is the third tier of football in the Faroe Islands. It was originally the second tier; however, following a reorganization in 1976, it became a third tier league.


The league was founded in 1943 and was named Meðaldeildin (The Middle Division): this was 1 year after the founding of the Meistaradeildin, the original top level Faroe Islands football league. There was no promotion and relegation system at the time, and the two leagues operated separately from each other. This was partly because Meðaldeildin was mostly made up of B teams from the clubs in the Meistaradeildin. One year after all leagues had to be suspended due to the British occupation of the Faroe Islands. The league then resumed in 1945. From 1943 to 1975 it was called Meðaldeildin, then the league structure changed in 1976. The Meistaradeildin was renamed 1. deild and the Meðaldeildin was renamed 2. deild. Also from that season onwards, the top clubs in 2. deild were promoted to 1. deild. The first club to be promoted was Fram Tórshavn after they won the division for the first time in their history, though they finished bottom of 1. deild the following season and were relegated back into 2. deild. The latest change to the league was made in 2005, when 1. deild was renamed as Formuladeildin for sponsorship reasons; 2. Deild adopted the name of 1. Deild; the third tier was renamed 2. Deild and the fourth tier became 3. Deild.

It currently has 10 participating teams. At the end of each season, two teams are relegated and two promoted from what is now the fourth division, pending the fact that the winning team in any given division doesn't already have a senior team in the division it is being promoted to. In such cases the team that finished second will be promoted in its stead. If a team is relegated to a division where one of its teams are already playing, the second best team will move one division down, thereby saving another team from relegation.

At the end of the 2008 season, Fram, who were set to be renamed FC Hoyvík for the 2009 season and AB II finished in the promotion places. Fram (now FC Hoyvík) were promoted to 1. deild, while AB II would only be promoted if their 1st team finished in one of the promotion places in 1. deild. AB's first team eventually won promotion into the Vodafonedeildin, finishing runners-up in 1.Deild. However, AB II were denied promotion to 1.deild and MB Midvágur who finished 3rd in 2.Deild, were promoted instead. Because AB II who finished 2nd, had used illegal players. Though there is still an ongoing debate weather they finished 2nd or 3rd and which team should have been promoted. The following season in 2009 MB Midvágur finished bottom in 1.Deild, only picking up 8 points and were relegated back into 2.deild. Meanwhile AB Argir II won the 2.deild in 2009 and were promoted to 1.deild.

Clubs for the 2017 season

2. deild seasons

Season Winner Runner-up 3rd Place Top goalscorer
1976 KÍ II
1977 Royn Hvalba
1978 SÍ Sørvágur
1979 TB II
1980 Leirvík ÍF
1981 SÍF Sandavágur
1982 SÍ Sumba
1983 HB II
1984 VB II
1985 EB Eiði
1986 B71 Sandoy
1987 SÍ Sørvágur Skála ÍF HB Tórshavn II
1988 GÍ Gøta II B36 Tórshavn II TB Tvøroyri II
1989 Fram Tórshavn Royn Hvalba ÍF Fuglafjørður II
1990 KÍ Klaksvík II Streymur TB Tvøroyri II
1991 HB Tórshavn II EB Eiði B36 Tórshavn II
1992 B68 Toftir II NSÍ Runavík II Streymur
1993 HB Tórshavn II NSÍ Runavík II ÍF Fuglafjørður II
1994 HB Tórshavn III FS Vágar II GÍ Gøta II Faroe Islands Rodmund Rasmussen (FS Vágar II, 24 goals)
1995 B68 Toftir II Skála ÍF B71 Sandoy II Faroe Islands Petur Gaardlykke (B68 II, 27 goals)
1996 Royn Hvalba B36 Tórshavn II GÍ Gøta II Faroe Islands Odd Eliasen (ÍF II, 21 goals)
1997 GÍ Gøta II NSÍ Runavík II VB Vágur II Faroe Islands Heini Heinason (GÍ II, 28 goals)
1998 Skála ÍF GÍ Gøta III B68 Toftir II Faroe Islands Bogi Gregersen (Skála, 19 goals)
1999 B36 Tórshavn II B68 Toftir II ÍF Fuglafjørður II Faroe Islands Tórálvur Poulsen (B36 II, 18 goals)
2000 Skála ÍF B36 Tórshavn II B71 Sandoy II Faroe Islands Svend Eli Poulsen (AB, 22 goals)
2001 VB Vágur II Royn Hvalba ÍF Fuglafjørður II Faroe Islands Allan Michelsen (Royn, 18 goals)
2002 AB Argir B68 Toftir II GÍ Gøta II Faroe Islands Johnny Samuelsen (AB, 11 goals)
2003 Royn Hvalba GÍ Gøta II EB/Streymur II Faroe Islands Gisli Sveinbjørnsson (Royn, 18 goals)
2004 GÍ Gøta II HB Tórshavn II SÍ Sørvágur Faroe Islands Heini Gaard (HB II, 20 goals)
2005 SÍ Sørvágur KÍ Klaksvík II B68 Toftir II Faroe Islands Jens Erik Rasmussen (SÍ, 14 goals)
2006 NSÍ Runavík II B36 Tórshavn II EB Streymur II Faroe Islands Fróði Jóanesarson (NSÍ II, 15 goals)
2007 B68 Toftir II GÍ Gøta II EB/Streymur II Faroe Islands Leif Niclasen (EB/Streymur II, 16 goals)
2008 Fram Tórshavn AB Argir II MB Miðvágur Faroe Islands Jørgen Meitilberg (Fram, 20 goals)
2009 AB Argir II 07 Vestur II EB/Streymur II Faroe Islands Karl Jóhan Djurhuus (07 Vestur II, 16 goals)
2010 Skála ÍF FC Hoyvík II 07 Vestur II Faroe Islands Karl Jóhan Djurhuus (07 Vestur II, 18 goals)
2011 KÍ Klaksvík II B68 Toftir II B36 Tórshavn II Faroe Islands Bjarki Vágstún (KÍ II, 14 goals)
Faroe Islands Búi í Hjøllum (B68 II, 14 goals)
2012 B36 Tórshavn II TB Tvøroyri II Giza/Hoyvík Faroe Islands Jákup T. Joensen (B36 II, 19 goals)
2013 AB Argir II NSÍ Runavík II Giza/Hoyvík Faroe Islands Debes Danielsen (NSÍ II, 20 goals)
2014 MB Miðvágur B71 Sandoy Giza/Hoyvík Faroe Islands Otto Jacobsen (MB, 18 goals)
2015 HB Tórshavn II Giza/Hoyvík KÍ Klaksvík III Faroe Islands Lindi Gardar (KÍ III, 21 goals)
2016 B36 Tórshavn II ÍF Fuglafjørður II Skála II Serbia Nenad Šarić (ÍF II, 16 goals)
2017 B71 Sandoy[1] Skála II Víkingur III Faroe Islands Símin Hansen (B71, 17 goals)
2018 EB/Streymur II B36 Tórshavn II Undrið FF Faroe Islands Andras Dalbø (Víkingur III, 17 goals)

Clubs in bold were promoted.

Titles by team

Team Titles Last title
HB Tórshavn II 4 2015
B36 Tórshavn II 3 2016
KÍ Klaksvík II 2011
Skála ÍF 2010
B68 Toftir II 2007
SÍ Sørvágur 2005
GÍ Gøta II 2004
Royn Hvalba 2003
B71 Sandoy 2 2017
AB Argir II 2013
Fram Tórshavn 2008
VB Vágur II 2001
EB/Streymur II 1 2018
MB Miðvágur 2014
NSÍ Runavík II 2006
AB Argir 2002
HB Tórshavn III 1994
EB Eiði 1985
SÍ Sumba 1982
SÍF Sandavágur 1981
Leirvík ÍF 1980
TB Tvøroyri II 1979

In bold clubs currently playing in 2. deild. In italics the clubs that no longer exist.


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