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A summary of 1991 in home video:

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Industry milestones


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The following films were released on home video on the following dates:

Release Date
Title Studio Notes
January 3 The Adventures of Ford Fairlane Fox VHS release; although still uses 1990 CBS/Fox copyright
January 17 Mo' Better Blues Universal VHS release
Young Guns II Fox VHS release
January 23 The Freshman TriStar VHS release; although still uses 1990 RCA/Columbia copyright
January 31 Die Hard 2 Fox VHS release
Navy SEALs Orion VHS release
Problem Child Universal VHS release
February 6 Taking Care of Business Touchstone VHS release
February 7 Days of Thunder Paramount VHS release; although still uses 1990 Paramount copyright
February 13 Flatliners Columbia VHS release; although still uses 1990 RCA/Columbia copyright
February 14 Darkman Universal VHS release
February 20 Quick Change Warner Bros. VHS release
February 21 Air America Carolco VHS release
Frankenstein Unbound Fox VHS release
February 28 State of Grace Orion VHS release
The Two Jakes Paramount VHS release; although still uses 1990 Paramount copyright
March 6 Arachnophobia Hollywood VHS release
March 7 After Dark, My Sweet Avenue VHS release
The Exorcist III Fox VHS release
King of New York Carolco VHS release
March 13 Pump Up the Volume Warner Bros. VHS release
White Hunter Black Heart Warner Bros. VHS release
March 15 Alice in Wonderland Disney VHS re-release on Walt Disney Classics
DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp Disney VHS release
March 21 Ghost Paramount VHS release
Pacific Heights Fox VHS release
March 27 Presumed Innocent Warner Bros. VHS release
March 28 Funny About Love Paramount VHS release
Henry & June Universal VHS release
The Hot Spot Orion VHS release
White Palace Universal VHS release
March 27 Presumed Innocent Warner Bros. VHS release
April 4 Memphis Belle Warner Bros. VHS release
Miller's Crossing VHS release
Wild at Heart Fox VHS release
April 11 Child's Play 2 Universal VHS release
April 24 The Bonfire of the Vanities Warner Bros. VHS release
Graffiti Bridge VHS release
Rocky V MGM VHS release
May 1 The Sheltering Sky Warner Bros. VHS release
May 3 The Jungle Book Disney VHS release, part of Walt Disney Classics
May 8 Mr. Destiny VHS release
Quigley Down Under VHS release
Three Men and a Little Lady Touchstone VHS release
May 9 Havana Universal VHS release
May 17 Avalon TriStar VHS release
May 18 Predator 2 Fox VHS release
May 22 The Rookie Warner Bros. VHS release
Warlock Trimark VHS release
May 29 The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter Warner Bros. VHS release
June 5 The Grifters Miramax VHS release
Postcards from the Edge Columbia VHS release
June 6 Kindergarten Cop Universal VHS release
June 12 Green Card Touchstone VHS release
Mr. and Mrs. Bridge Miramax VHS release
White Fang Disney VHS release
June 19 GoodFellas Warner Bros. VHS release
June 26 Men of Respect Columbia VHS release
Not Without My Daughter MGM VHS release
Reversal of Fortune Warner Bros. VHS release
June 27 Almost an Angel VHS release
Edward Scissorhands Fox VHS release
July 3 Look Who's Talking Too Columbia VHS release
July 11 Misery MGM VHS release
Once Around VHS release
Robin Hood Disney VHS re-release; Walt Disney Classics
July 17 Shipwrecked Disney VHS release
The Russia House MGM VHS release
July 25 Alice VHS release
Lionheart VHS release
Sleeping with the Enemy Fox VHS release
July 31 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze New Line VHS release, distributed by Columbia/TriStar Home Video
August 22 Dracula Universal Pictures VHS release
Paris Trout Palace Pictures VHS release
True Colors Paramount VHS release
August 23 Home Alone Fox VHS release
Felix the Cat: The Movie New World Pictures VHS release, part of Buena Vista Home Video
August 28 Dances with Wolves Orion VHS release
September 4 La Femme Nikita Gaumont VHS release
September 11 Oscar Touchstone VHS release
September 12 Closet Land Universal VHS release, distributed by Media Home Entertainment
The Five Heartbeats VHS release
The Hard Way Universal VHS release
September 20 The Rescuers Down Under Disney VHS release, part of Walt Disney Classics
October 2 The Marrying Man Hollywood VHS release
October 3 A Kiss Before Dying Universal VHS release
October 4 Gremlins 2: The New Batch Warner Bros. VHS release
October 9 Madonna: Truth or Dare VHS release, distributed by LIVE Entertainment
October 10 The Godfather Part III Paramount VHS release, 2-Videocassette set
Rusty Nails and the Dalton Brothers Go Hollywood Universal VHS release
One Good Cop VHS release
October 14 Talent for the Game Paramount VHS release
October 17 Race with the Devil Fox VHS re-release
October 24 Class Action VHS release
The Silence of the Lambs Orion VHS release
October 30 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves Warner Bros. VHS release
November 1 Fantasia Disney VHS release, part of Walt Disney Classics
November 6 Mortal Thoughts Columbia VHS release
What About Bob? Touchstone VHS release
November 7 Backdraft Universal VHS release
November 20 Hudson Hawk TriStar VHS release
November 26 Toy Soldiers TriStar VHS release
November 21 F/X2 Orion VHS release
December 4 City Slickers Columbia VHS release
December 5 Problem Child 2 Universal VHS release
December 11 Terminator 2: Judgment Day Carolco VHS release, distributed by LIVE Entertainment
December 18 Delirious MGM VHS release
December 19 Cool as Ice Universal VHS release
Dutch Fox VHS release
The Naked Gun 2½: The Smell of Fear Paramount VHS release

Documentary home video releases

The following documentary home videos were released on the following dates:

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TV show releases

The following television shows were released on the following dates:

  • "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends" video - January 23
    • "Better Late Than Never and Other Stories"
  • "Rocky & Bullwinkle" videos (#1) - February 8
    • "Mona Moose"
    • "Birth of Bullwinkle"
    • "Blue Moose"
    • "Vincent Van Moose"
    • "La Grande Moose"
    • "Canadian Gothic"
  • "I Love Lucy": The Video Collection (#3) - May 16
    • Volume 9 ("The Moustache" / "Lucy and the Loving Cup")
    • Volume 10 ("Lucy Tells the Truth" / "The Kleptomaniac")
    • Volume 11 ("Bonus Bucks" / "The Fur Coat")
    • Volume 12 ("Lucy Cries Wolf" / "Lucy is Envious")
  • Barney & the Backyard Gang video - July 1
  • Barney & the Backyard Gang video - August 1
  • "TaleSpin" videos (#1) - August 9
    • "True Baloo" (contains "From Here to Machinery" and "The Balooest of the Bluebloods")
    • "That's Show Biz!" (contains "Stormy Weather" and "Mommy for a Day")
    • "Jackpots & Crackpots" (contains "A Touch of Glass" and "Her Chance to Dream")
    • "Fearless Flyers" (contains "Jumping the Guns" and "Match One for Gipper")
  • "Adventures in Odyssey" video - August 27
    • "The Knight Travellers"
  • "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Sewer Heroes" series - September 25
    • "Leonardo Lightens Up" (Bonus episode: "Leonardo Versus Tempestra")
    • "Donatello's Degree" (Bonus episode: "Donatello Makes Time")
    • "Raphael Meets His Match" (Bonus episode: "Raphael Knocks 'Em Dead")
    • "Michelangelo Meets Bugman" (Bonus episode: "What's Michelangelo Good For?")
  • "Simply Mad About the Mouse" - September 27
  • "A Garfield Christmas" - October 17
  • "Sebastian's Caribbean Jamboree" - November 22
  • "Adventures in Odyssey" video - November 26
    • "A Flight to the Finish"


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