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List of years in Australian television




Program Network Debut date
Sunrise Seven Network 17 January
Ten Eyewitness News Late Network Ten 21 January
All Together Now Nine Network 22 January
Chances Nine Network 29 January
Extra Nine Network 9 February
Eggshells ABC 11 February
Landline ABC 11 March
Couch Potato ABC 17 March
Live and Sweaty ABC 22 March
Goodsports Nine Network 3 May
Half a World Away ABC 22 May
Hampton Court Seven Network 30 May
Big Square Eye ABC 24 June
What's Cooking? Nine Network 1 July
Blockbusters Seven Network 15 July
DAAS Kapital ABC 15 July
Kids' Stuff Network Ten 27 July
Kelly Network Ten 10 August
Adventures on Kythera Nine Network 13 August
Brides of Christ ABC 4 September
Which Way Home Network Ten 22 September
Rex Hunt's Fishing Adventures Seven Network 27 September
Rose Against the Odds Seven Network 29 September
Finders Keepers ABC 28 October
The Worst Day of My Life ABC 4 November
Animal Park Seven Network 24 November
The Miraculous Mellops Network Ten 25 November
Global Gardener ABC 29 November
The Book Place Seven Network 30 December


Program Network Debut date
United Kingdom Mr. Bean ABC 2 January
United Kingdom Traffik Nine Network 6 January
United States Ann Jillian Nine Network 7 January
United States Homeroom Nine Network 14 January
United States Totally Hidden Video Network Ten 21 January
United Kingdom/Wales East of the Moon ABC 22 January
United States Alien Nation Network Ten 22 January
Czechoslovakia White Again SBS 23 January
United Kingdom Take Me Home ABC 29 January
United States The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! Nine Network 4 February
United States The Legend of Zelda Nine Network 8 February
United States The Simpsons Network Ten 10 February
United States Heartland Nine Network 10 February
Italy Octopus 4 SBS 17 February
United Kingdom Smith and Jones in Small Doses SBS 17 February
United States Twin Peaks Network Ten 18 February
United Kingdom The Paradise Club ABC 18 February
United Kingdom Campaign ABC 19 February
United States The Nutt House Seven Network 28 February
United States/Australia Something Is Out There Nine Network 7 March
United Kingdom Grim Tales ABC 11 March
United Kingdom The Trials of Life ABC 17 March
United Kingdom French and Saunders ABC 18 March
United Kingdom The Great Moghuls SBS 24 March
United Kingdom Maid Marian and Her Merry Men ABC 25 March
United Kingdom The Trap Door ABC 25 March
United States Tiny Toon Adventures Nine Network 26 March
United Kingdom Charlie Chalk ABC 1 April
United Kingdom No Job for a Lady ABC 1 April
United States/Canada Friday the 13th: The Series Network Ten 5 April
United States Guys Next Door Seven Network 6 April
United States Saved By the Bell Seven Network 6 April
United States Gumby Adventures ABC 22 April
United States The Flash Nine Network 9 May
United States Mancuso, F.B.I. Seven Network 9 May
United Kingdom South of the Border ABC 13 May
Canada Degrassi High ABC 15 May
United Kingdom Blackeyes ABC 26 May
United Kingdom Alfonso Bonzo ABC 27 May
United Kingdom The Manageress ABC 27 May
United States Anything But Love Network Ten 29 May
United States Wake, Rattle and Roll Network Ten 3 June
United Kingdom Billy Webb's Amazing Stories ABC 4 June
United Kingdom Blackadder Goes Forth Seven Network 6 June
United Kingdom Postman Pat ABC 10 June
United Kingdom TUGS ABC 10 June
United States Top of the Hill Nine Network 17 June
United States/United Kingdom/Wales The Further Adventures of SuperTed ABC 17 June
United Kingdom House of Cards ABC 19 June
United States Tender Is the Night ABC 23 June
United Kingdom French Fields ABC 24 June
United States Alvin and the Chipmunks (Murakami-Wolf-Swenson/DIC Entertainment version) ABC 4 July
United States Zorro (1990) Network Ten 8 July
United States The Civil War SBS 15 July
United Kingdom Capital City ABC 23 July
United States Equal Justice Network Ten 23 July
United States Dink, the Little Dinosaur Network Ten 27 July
United States Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Network Ten 27 July
United States Piggsburg Pigs! Network Ten 28 July
United States Today's Gourmet SBS 3 August
United States/United Kingdom The Ghost of Faffner Hall Network Ten 4 August
United States The Oprah Winfrey Show Network Ten 5 August
United Kingdom This is David Lander SBS 6 August
United Kingdom Mr. Fixit ABC 6 August
United Kingdom Grandma Bricks of Swallow Street ABC 12 August
Greece Flower Street SBS 26 August
New Zealand Strangers ABC 28 August
United States The Muppets at Walt Disney World Seven Network 1 September
United States Tom and Jerry Kids Seven Network 5 September
United Kingdom Five Minute Wonder ABC 11 September
United States I'm Telling! Seven Network 19 September
United States Police Squad! Seven Network 19 September
United States The Arsenio Hall Show Nine Network 19 September
United States Commander Crumbcake Network Ten 28 September
United States Telling Tales SBS 29 September
United States In Living Color Network Ten 29 September
United Kingdom Drop the Dead Donkey SBS 1 October
United States Captain Planet and the Planeteers ABC 7 October
United States The All-New Candid Camera Network Ten 7 October
United Kingdom Tom's Midnight Garden (1988 version) ABC 11 October
United States/Japan Peter Pan and the Pirates Network Ten 26 October
United States Bobby's World Network Ten 26 October
United States The Fanelli Boys Seven Network 5 November
United States Star Trek: The Next Generation Nine Network 6 November
United States Super Force Nine Network 18 November
United States Lucky Chances Seven Network 27 November
United States Beverly Hills 90210 Network Ten 29 November
United States Rescue 911 Nine Network 2 December
United States The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Nine Network 3 December
United States Parker Lewis Can't Lose Nine Network 3 December
United Kingdom/Russia/Ukraine/Kazakhstan Red Empire ABC 4 December
United States A Family for Joe (TV movie) Seven Network 6 December
United Kingdom Joint Account ABC 8 December
United States The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage Seven Network 9 December
United States Hull High Seven Network 10 December
United States A Family for Joe (TV series) Seven Network 10 December
United States Baby Talk Nine Network 13 December
United States Married People Nine Network 13 December
United States Dear John (USA) Nine Network 16 December
United States Evening Shade Nine Network 19 December
United States Wings Nine Network 19 December
Canada Maniac Mansion Network Ten 23 December
United Kingdom The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship ABC 25 December
Wales Fireman Sam: Snow Business ABC 25 December
United Kingdom My Family and Other Animals Network Ten 28 December
United States The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson Seven Network 29 December
United States Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Seven Network 31 December
United States The Adventures of Don Coyote and Sancho Panda Seven Network 1991
United States Gravedale High Seven Network 1991
United States TaleSpin Seven Network 1991
United States Captain N: The Game Master Seven Network 1991
Italy Japan Sherlock Hound Nine Network 1991

Changes to network affiliation

This is a list of programs which made their premiere on an Australian television network that had previously premiered on another Australian television network. The networks involved in the switch of allegiances are predominantly both free-to-air networks or both subscription television networks. Programs that have their free-to-air/subscription television premiere, after previously premiering on the opposite platform (free-to air to subscription/subscription to free-to air) are not included. In some cases, programs may still air on the original television network. This occurs predominantly with programs shared between subscription television networks.


Program New network(s) Previous network(s) Date
Patrol Boat Network Ten ABC 1 June


Program New network(s) Previous network(s) Date
United States Rocky and Bullwinkle ABC Nine Network 26 August
United States Married With Children Nine Network Network Ten 27 August
United States Magilla Gorilla Seven Network Nine Network December
United States Casper and the Angels Seven Network ABC 1991

Television shows


Seven Network

Nine Network

Network Ten

Ending this year

Date Show Channel Debut
2 February Rafferty's Rules Seven Network 1987
10 May Overseas and Undersold ABC 1988
16 July The Big Gig ABC 1989
7 August The New Adventures of Blinky Bill ABC 1984
9 August Pugwall Nine Network 1989
22 August Hampton Court Seven Network 30 May 1991
25 August Golden Fiddles Nine Network 18 August 1991
30 August A Big Country ABC 1968
23 September Which Way Home Network Ten 22 September 1991
9 October Brides of Christ ABC 4 September 1991
23 November The Cartoon Company Nine Network 1986
23 November The C Company Nine Network 1990
1 December The River Kings ABC 10 November 1991
9 December The Worst Day of My Life ABC 4 November 1991
20 December Global Gardener ABC 29 November 1991
27 December Fat Cat and Friends Network Ten
Seven Network
27 December Til Ten Network Ten 1989

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