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The 1991 Mr. Olympia contest was an IFBB professional bodybuilding competition held in September[citation needed] 1991 at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel in Orlando, Florida.


The total prize money awarded was $250,000.

Place Prize Name
1 $100,000 United States Lee Haney [1]
2 $50,000 England Dorian Yates
3 $30,000 United States Vince Taylor
4 $25,000 United States Lee Labrada
5 $15,000 United States Shawn Ray
6 $12,000 Australia Sonny Schmidt
7 $8,000 France Francis Benfatto
8 $7,000 France Thierry Pastel
9 $6,000 Germany Achim Albrecht
10 $5,000 United States Rich Gaspari
11 United States Ron Love
12 United States Bob Paris
13 United States Robby Robinson
14 United States Renel Janvier
15 Canada Nimrod King
16 Lebanon Samir Bannout
16 England Albert Beckles
16 Norway Geir Borgan Paulsen
16 United States Joseph Dawson
16 Germany Frank Hillebrand
16 Czech Republic Pavol Jablonický
16 United States J.J. Marsh
16 United States Mike Matarazzo
16 Austria Andreas Münzer
16 Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Miloš Šarčev
16 United States Tom Terwilliger

Notable events

  • Lee Haney won his eighth and final Mr. Olympia title, announces his retirement


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