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List of years in Australian television
  • 1986
  • 1987
  • 1988
  • 1989
  • 1990
  • 1991
  • 1992
  • Below is a list of television-related events in 1989.




    Program Network Debut date
    E Street Network Ten 25 January
    Til Ten Network Ten 30 January
    Australia's Most Wanted Seven Network 5 February
    Tanamera – Lion of Singapore Network Ten 7 February
    The Family Business Network Ten 14 February
    Edens Lost ABC TV 28 February
    The Big Gig ABC TV 28 February
    G.P. ABC TV 7 March
    Double Dare Network Ten 13 March
    Police Rescue ABC TV 15 March
    The Bert Newton Show Seven Network 20 March
    The Power, The Passion Seven Network 20 March
    Couchman ABC TV 12 April
    Fast Forward Seven Network 12 April
    Living with the Law ABC TV 24 April
    Media Watch ABC TV 8 May
    Dearest Enemy ABC TV 8 May
    This Man... This Woman ABC TV 24 May
    Bunyip ABC TV 5 June
    Pugwall Nine Network 13 June
    Eat Carpet SBS TV 16 June
    Club 10 Network Ten 17 June
    Countdown Revolution ABC TV 3 July
    Shadow of the Cobra Seven Network 23 July
    Family Double Dare 10 TV Australia 24 July
    Candid Camera on Austraia 10 TV Australia 25 July
    Superquiz 10 TV Australia 25 July
    Happy Hatchday to Plasmo ABC TV 4 August
    Acropolis Now Seven Network 9 August
    Naked Under Capricorn Nine Network 17 September
    Cassidy ABC TV 25 October
    Bangkok Hilton 10 TV Australia 5 November
    Grim Pickings Nine Network 15 November
    Spin 10 TV Australia 16 December
    Bright Sparks Unknown 1989

    New international programming

    Program Network Debut date
    United Kingdom Lost Belongings ABC TV 2 January
    United States Global Rivals SBS TV 3 January
    United Kingdom Intimate Contact Network Ten 3 January
    United Kingdom Talking Animals ABC TV 4 January
    United States Brown Sugar SBS TV 4 January
    United Kingdom How to Be Celtic SBS TV 22 January
    New Zealand The Fire-Raiser ABC TV 30 January
    United States Kids Incorporated Seven Network 30 January
    United States Fast Times Network Ten 5 February
    United States The Munsters Today Network Ten 5 February
    United Kingdom Count Duckula ABC TV 6 February
    United Kingdom Home James! ABC TV 6 February
    United States China Beach Nine Network 6 February
    United States Wiseguy Nine Network 7 February
    United States Empty Nest Seven Network 10 February
    Canada Bizarre Network Ten 13 February
    United States Roseanne Network Ten 14 February
    United States Mission: Impossible (1988) Nine Network 16 February
    Czechoslovakia Roby and Boby on the Roads ABC TV 18 February
    United States Thirtysomething Network Ten 21 February
    Sweden Vicky the Viking ABC TV 23 February
    United States Billionaire Boys Club Seven Network 27 February
    Germany Topsy Turvy SBS TV 1 March
    United Kingdom Floyd on Britain and Ireland SBS TV 4 March
    Canada Concerto Grosso Modo ABC TV 6 March
    United Kingdom The Adventures of Spot ABC TV 6 March
    France/Japan/Switzerland/Italy Once Upon a Time... Life SBS TV 10 March
    United Kingdom Henry's Leg ABC TV 20 March
    United States Storybreak ABC TV 21 March
    United States It's Garry Shandling's Show Nine Network 22 March
    United States The Bronx Zoo Network Ten 29 March
    United States/United Kingdom Jack the Ripper (1988) Seven Network 2 April
    United States Of Pure Blood Nine Network 5 April
    United States Rags to Riches Network Ten 8 April
    United States War and Remembrance Network Ten 9 April
    United States Midnight Caller Seven Network 12 April
    United Kingdom Tripper's Day ABC TV 23 April
    United Kingdom Blind Justice ABC TV 30 April
    United Kingdom Aliens in the Family (1987) ABC TV 2 May
    United Kingdom The Thatcher Factor SBS TV 4 May
    United Kingdom White Peak Farm ABC TV 10 May
    Canada Danger Bay ABC TV 16 May
    United States Mama's Boy Nine Network 27 May
    Hong Kong Pet and Pest SBS TV 2 June
    United Kingdom The Secret World of Polly Flint ABC TV 5 June
    Czechoslovakia Safari SBS TV 14 June
    France The Image in the Mirror SBS TV 14 June
    Sweden Xerxes SBS TV 15 June
    United Kingdom Lizzie's Pictures ABC TV 18 June
    Italy Mother Again SBS TV 20 June
    Greece The Other Side of the River SBS TV 20 June
    United Kingdom Dead Head ABC TV 21 June
    United States Mr. Belvedere Seven Network 21 June
    United Kingdom Codename: Kyril Seven Network 25 June
    United Kingdom Farrington of the F.O. Seven Network 29 June
    United States Dr. Fad Network Ten 3 July
    United States Eisenhower and Lutz Network Ten 7 July
    United States The New Mike Hammer Nine Network 13 July
    Spain/Netherlands The World of David the Gnome ABC TV 14 July
    United States Full House Seven Network 14 July
    United Kingdom Hannay ABC TV 15 July
    United States Superboy Nine Network 17 July
    United States The Wonder Years 10 TV Australia 24 July
    United States Quantum Leap 10 TV Australia 24 July
    Netherlands Rising Waters SBS TV 25 July
    United Kingdom Supersense ABC TV 27 July
    United States Just the Ten of Us Nine Network 1 August
    United States Teen Wolf Nine Network 5 August
    United Kingdom The Road to War: Great Britain, Italy, Japan, USA ABC TV 6 August
    Italy The Kids in 12C SBS TV 7 August
    Germany The Show with the Mouse ABC TV 10 August
    United States Superman Nine Network 12 August
    Canada/United States My Pet Monster Seven Network 13 August
    United Kingdom Odysseus: The Greatest Hero of Them All ABC TV 16 August
    United States AlfTales Seven Network 27 August
    United Kingdom/Australia The Heroes 10 TV Australia 27 August
    Canada Diamonds Seven Network 28 August
    United Kingdom Big World Cafe SBS TV 1 September
    United States Lonesome Dove Seven Network 4 September
    United States Everything's Relative 10 TV Australia 8 September
    United Kingdom London Embassy ABC TV 10 September
    Canada Ramona ABC TV 11 September
    United States Baby Boom Seven Network 11 September
    United Kingdom Out to Tuesday SBS TV 12 September
    Canada Just for Laughs ABC TV 14 September
    Malta The Maltese SBS TV 16 September
    Canada T. and T. Seven Network 18 September
    United Kingdom The Bell Seven Network 21 September
    Canada My Secret Identity 10 TV Australia 21 September
    United States Hollywood Legends ABC TV 23 September
    United States C.O.P.S. Nine Network 23 September
    United States Dennis the Menace (1986) ABC TV 2 October
    United States The Van Dyke Show 10 TV Australia 5 October
    United Kingdom Tickets for the Titanic SBS TV 8 October
    United States Brotherhood of the Rose Seven Network 8 October
    United States Around the World in 80 Days Nine Network 8 October
    United States High Mountain Rangers 10 TV Australia 8 October
    United States Denver, the Last Dinosaur Nine Network 9 October
    United Kingdom Running Scared ABC TV 12 October
    United States Raising Miranda 10 TV Australia 14 October
    United States The Oldest Rookie Seven Network 15 October
    United Kingdom Red Dwarf ABC TV 21 October
    United Kingdom City Tails ABC TV 25 October
    United States Windmills of the Gods Seven Network 29 October
    Australia/Italy The Magistrate ABC TV 15 November
    United States Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater Seven Network 19 November
    United States Paradise Seven Network 19 November
    United States Aaron's Way ABC TV 19 November
    Canada/France The Smoggies ABC TV 20 November
    United Kingdom The Ratties ABC TV 20 November
    United States Married... with Children 10 TV Australia 20 November
    United States Unsub Nine Network 21 November
    United States Sonny Spoon Nine Network 22 November
    United Kingdom Miss Marple Seven Network 22 November
    United States Tattingers Nine Network 23 November
    United Kingdom Dear John (UK) Seven Network 23 November
    United Kingdom Pulaski: The TV Detective ABC TV 25 November
    United States The Wizard 10 TV Australia 26 November
    United Kingdom Chelmsford 123 ABC TV 28 November
    United States TV 101 10 TV Australia 28 November
    United States Buck James Nine Network 29 November
    United States Private Eye 10 TV Australia 29 November
    United Kingdom After Henry ABC TV 1 December
    United Kingdom Andy Capp Seven Network 4 December
    United Kingdom Game, Set and Match ABC TV 6 December
    United Kingdom Vanity Fair (1989) ABC TV 9 December
    United States Knightwatch Seven Network 10 December
    United States Dirty Dancing Seven Network 11 December
    United Kingdom Cover Her Face Nine Network 11 December
    United States Leg Work 10 TV Australia 14 December
    United Kingdom Simon and the Witch ABC TV 18 December
    United States Secrets & Mysteries Nine Network 18 December
    United States Square One Television ABC TV 18 December
    United Kingdom Death of an Expert Witness Seven Network 18 December
    United Kingdom Billy's Christmas Angels ABC TV 25 December
    United States Nearly Departed Seven Network 26 December
    Canada Night Heat Seven Network 26 December

    Changes to network affiliation

    This is a list of programs which made their premiere on an Australian television network that had previously premiered on another Australian television network. The networks involved in the switch of allegiances are predominantly both free-to-air networks or both subscription television networks. Programs that have their free-to-air/subscription television premiere, after previously premiering on the opposite platform (free-to air to subscription/subscription to free-to air) are not included. In some cases, programs may still air on the original television network. This occurs predominantly with programs shared between subscription television networks.


    Program New network(s) Previous network(s) Date
    The Price Is Right 10 TV Australia Seven Network 29 July


    Program New network(s) Previous network(s) Date
    United States Hill Street Blues ABC TV Seven Network 13 January
    United States Gumby ABC TV Seven Network 20 February
    United Kingdom Minder Seven Network ABC TV 2 May
    United States/Japan ThunderCats Seven Network (Victoria) 10 TV Australia (Victoria) 22 July
    United States Miami Vice 10 TV Australia Nine Network 30 August
    United States The Abbott and Costello Cartoon Show ABC TV 10 TV Australia 9 October
    United Kingdom Floyd on Fish ABC TV SBS TV 13 October
    New Zealand Sea Urchins 10 TV Australia ABC TV 1989

    Television shows





    Ending this year

    Date Show Channel Debut
    January Young Talent Time Network Ten 1971
    19 January University Challenge ABC TV 1987
    3 February Earthwatch ABC TV 1979
    4 February Rock Arena ABC TV 1982
    15 February Tanamera – Lion of Singapore Network Ten 7 February 1989
    24 February Ridgey Didge Network Ten 1987
    2 March Edens Lost ABC TV 28 February 1989
    14 March The Family Business Network Ten 14 February 1989
    12 April The Last Resort ABC TV 1988
    6 May The Factory ABC TV 1987
    9 June Swap Shop ABC TV 1988
    10 June The Early Bird Show Network Ten 1985
    16 June The Oz Game ABC TV 1988
    22 June Richmond Hill Network Ten 1988
    30 June Bunyip ABC TV 5 June 1989
    7 August Family Double Dare 10 TV Australia 24 July 1989
    26 August Club 10 10 TV Australia 17 June 1989
    14 September The Price Is Right 10 TV Australia 29 July 1989
    17 November Perfect Match 10 TV Australia 1984
    16 November Grim Pickings Nine Network 15 November 1989
    17 November The Bert Newton Show Seven Network 20 March 1989

    Returning this year

    Date Show Channel Debut
    29 July The Price Is Right 10 TV Australia 1981

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