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Events in the year 1982 in Turkey.[1]


Ruling party

  • Ruling party – (Technocrat government)



  • 9 January – The flow direction of sea traffic in Bosphorous was changed from left to right
  • 29 January – Kemal Arıkan, the Turkish consul in Los Angeles was assassinated by a group of Armenians
  • 23 April – First Color broadcasting of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation
  • 6 May – Fahri Gündüz, Turkish council in Boston was assassinated by an Armenian group
  • 8 June – Erkut Akbay, a member of Turkish embassy in Lisbon was assassinated by an Armenian group
  • 13 June – Beşiktaş won the championship of the Turkish football league[2]
  • 20 June – Banker's scandal. Cevher Özden escaped to Switzerland.
  • 15 July – A revision in the cabinet after the banker’s scandal. Vice prime minister Turgut Özal resigned
  • 7 August – Eight deaths in Esenboğa (Ankara) airport as a result of ASALA attack
  • 28 August – Atilla Altıkat Turkish attache in Ottawa was assassinated by a group of Armenians
  • 9 September – Bora Sülkan, a member of Turkish consulate in Sofia, was assassinated by a group of Armenians
  • 15 October – Turkish novelist Yaşar Kemal won the Prix mondial Cino Del Duca
  • 20 October – Ban on political activities of the former politicians by the military rule
  • 26 October – Yılmaz Güney, a well known cinema director and actor was denationalized by the military rule
  • 7 November – Referendum on the new Turkish constitution (More than 91% voted for the constitution)



  • 29 January – Kemal Arıkan, council (assassinated)
  • 9 April – Turan Güneş (born in 1922), former vice prime minister
  • 6 May – Osman Gündüz, council (assassinated)
  • 22 May – Cevdet Sunay (born in 1899), former president (1966–1973)
  • 28 August Atilla Altıkat (born in 1937), attaché (assassinated)
  • 5 November – Burhan Felek (born in 1899) journalist


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