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Events in the year 1980 in Turkey.[1]



Fahri Korutürk (up to 6 April)
İhsan Sabri Çağlayangil (acting, 6 April – 12 September)
Kenan Evren (from 12 September)
Süleyman Demirel (up to 12 September)
Bülent Ulusu (from 20 September)
Bülent Ecevit (up to 12 September)

Ruling party and the main opposition

  • Ruling party
Justice Party (AP) (up to 12 September)
  • Main opposition
Republican People’s Party (CHP) (up to 12 September)



  • 2 January – Warning from the army about terrorism
  • 8 February – Laborer demonstrations in İzmir and İstanbul
  • 26 March – First session in the parliament for electing the new president, no result (just like the following 113 votings)
  • 7 April – Fahri Korutürk the 6th president of Turkey left his Office after expiring his legal term
  • 25 May – Trabzonspor won the championship of the Turkish football league[2]
  • 5 August – Hazal a film by Ali Özgentürk won the gramd prix in France.
  • 6 August – ASALA militants in Lyon attacked Turkish consulate
  • 12 September – Coup d’etat
  • 11 October – Census (Population: 44,736,947)
  • 13 October – Turkish Airlines Boeing 727 type aircraft was hijacked on the flight from Munich, Germany to Ankara by four radical Islamist militants
  • 27 October – Temporary constitution
  • 30 October – Bülent Ecevit resigned from his post in the Republican people’s Party (which was passive because of the coup)


Out of the respective country

  • 7 November – Ismail Matev, Bulgarian-Turkish singer-songwriter



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