1980 Canadian Open

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Canadian Open
Tournament information
Dates 13–31 August 1980
Venue Canadian National Exhibition Stadium
City Toronto
Country Canada
Organisation(s) WPBSA
Format Non-ranking event
Champion Canada Cliff Thorburn
Runner-up Wales Terry Griffiths
Score 17–10

The 1980 Canadian Open was the seventh edition of the professional invitational snooker tournament, the Canadian Open, which took place in August 1980. This was the last time the tournament was played until 1985, when the tournament was rebranded as the Canadian Masters.[1]

Cliff Thorburn won the title for the fourth time, beating Terry Griffiths 17–10 in the final.[2]

Main draw


  Round 1
Best of 17 frames
Round 2
Best of 17 frames
Best of 17 frames
Best of 17 frames
Best of 33 frames
Canada Eddy Agha 9     Canada Cliff Thorburn 9  
England Tony Knowles 3     Canada Eddy Agha 1  
  Canada Cliff Thorburn 9  
  Canada Mario Morra 5  
Canada Mario Morra 9 Canada Mario Morra 9
England Jason Whittaker 2     Canada Jim Wych 3  
  Canada Cliff Thorburn 9  
  Canada Kirk Stevens 5  
Canada Ken Shea 9     Canada Kirk Stevens 9  
Canada Paul Thornley 8     Canada Ken Shea 4  
  Canada Kirk Stevens 9
  Canada Frank Jonik 5  
Canada Frank Jonik 9 Canada Frank Jonik 9
Canada Jim Bear 6     England John Spencer 7  
  Canada Cliff Thorburn 17
  Wales Terry Griffiths 10
Canada John Bear 9     Wales Terry Griffiths 9  
Canada R Tammett 4     Canada John Bear 4  
  Wales Terry Griffiths 9
  England Steve Davis 2  
England Willie Thorne 9 England Steve Davis 9
England Terry Whitthread 3     England Willie Thorne 3  
  Wales Terry Griffiths 9
  Northern Ireland Alex Higgins 6  
England Jimmy White 9     Northern Ireland Alex Higgins 9  
England Vic Harris 8     England Jimmy White 7  
  Northern Ireland Alex Higgins 9
  England Tony Meo 7  
Canada Bernie Mikkelsen 9 England Tony Meo 9
Canada Gilles Boismenu 1     Canada Bernie Mikkelsen 1  


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