1979 German Formula Three Championship

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1979 German Formula Three Championship
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The 1979 German Formula Three Championship (German: 1979 Deutsche Formel-3-Meisterschaft)[1] was a multi-event motor racing championship for single-seat open wheel formula racing cars held across Europe. The championship featured drivers competing in two-litre Formula Three racing cars which conformed to the technical regulations, or formula, for the championship. It commenced on 11 March at Circuit Zolder and ended at Kassel-Calden on 7 October after seven rounds (the first Nürburgring round was cancelled due to snowfall).

Klaus Zimmermann Racing Team driver Michael Korten became a champion. He won races at Fassberg, Nürburgring and Kassel-Calden. Hans-Georg Bürger won race at Diepholz and finished as runner-up. Walter Lechner completed the top-three in the drivers' standings. Ernst Maring, Thierry Boutsen and Michael Bleekemolen were the only other drivers who were able to win a race in the season.[2]

Teams and drivers

Entry List[3]
Team Driver Chassis Engine Rounds
West Germany AC Mayen West Germany Konrad Heberer Derichs D36/F3-76-01 BMW 1–2
West Germany Andy Wietzke West Germany Andy Wietzke Ralt RT1 Toyota 1–7
Switzerland Armin Conrad Switzerland Armin Conrad Argo JM1 Toyota 8
West Germany Auto Zeitung Nachwuchsförderung West Germany Georg Bellof Ralt RT3/168 Toyota 1–3, 5–8
West Germany Bernd Heuer West Germany Bernd Heuer Maco 376/M001 Ford 4
West Germany Bernd Wicks West Germany Bernd Wicks Chevron B38 Toyota 2–3, 5–7
West Germany Bertram Schäfer Racing West Germany Harald Brutschin Ralt RT1/122 Toyota 8
West Germany Hans-Georg Bürger Ralt RT1/49 Toyota 1–3, 5–8
West Germany Heinrich Heintz Ralt RT1/23 BMW 1–2, 4, 6–7
West Germany Hannelore Werner Ralt RT1/122 Toyota 7
West Germany Bose HiFi Racing Team Switzerland Urs Dudler Ralt RT1 BMW 8
West Germany Peter Kroeber Derichs D37/F3-78-04 Toyota All
West Germany Dietmar Flöer West Germany Dietmar Flöer March 712M/7 BMW 4
France Ecurie Elf France Richard Dallest Martini MK27 Toyota 2, 8
France Ecurie Motul Nogaro France Philippe Streiff Martini MK27 Toyota 2, 8
Sweden Egert Haglund Sweden Egert Haglund March 733 Toyota 2, 7
West Germany Ernst Maring West Germany Ernst Maring Maco 379/M024 Toyota 2–8
Switzerland Formel Rennsport Club Switzerland Bruno Huber Argo JM1/006-F3 Toyota 8
Switzerland Hanspeter Kaufmann Chevron B38 6–7
Switzerland Marcus Simeon March 783 4, 6, 8
Switzerland Fridolin Wettstein Ralt RT1/59 5
Switzerland Marcel Wettstein 2, 6
Switzerland Jo Zeller March 783/1 2, 8
West Germany Franz-Josef Kaiser West Germany Franz-Josef Kaiser Ralt RT1 Toyota 3
West Germany Frithjof Erpelding West Germany Frithjof Erpelding Derichs D37/F3-78-02 Toyota 7
West Germany Georg Florescu West Germany Georg Florescu Chevron Toyota 2, 4
West Germany Gero Fleck West Germany Gero Fleck Ralt RT1 Toyota 7–8
Netherlands Hans Kitsz Netherlands Hans Kitsz Ralt RT1 Toyota 6
West Germany Hans-Jürgen Weber West Germany Hans-Jürgen Weber GRD Ford 4
West Germany Helmut Bross Racing West Germany Helmut Bross Chevron B43 Toyota All
West Germany Herbert Rostek West Germany Herbert Rostek Maco 377/M008 Toyota 3
West Germany Jägermeister Racing Team West Germany Dieter Bohnhorst Maco 376/M011 Toyota 1, 3
Austria Jim Beam Team Austria Jo Gartner Martini MK27 Renault 2, 6–8
West Germany Willy Weiss Ralt RT1 Toyota 6
Switzerland Jörg Reto Switzerland Jörg Reto Argo JM1 Toyota 7
West Germany Klaus Zimmermann Racing Team Austria Franz Konrad Chevron B43 Toyota 6–7
West Germany Michael Korten March 783/29 1–3, 5–8
Austria Konrad Racing Austria Franz Konrad Chevron B43 Toyota 3, 8
West Germany Kurt Lotterschmid West Germany Kurt Lotterschmid Ralt RT1 Toyota 7
West Germany KWS Motorsport West Germany Bernd Breil March 753 BMW 4–8
Austria Franz Konrad Chevron B43 Toyota 1–2
Austria Karl Schuchnig Chevron B47 2, 5–6
West Germany Jürgen Schlich Chevron B38 1–2
United Kingdom Alan Smith Chevron B47/47–79–09 2, 5
Sweden Leo Andersson Sweden Leo Andersson Ralt RT1/37 Toyota 5
Switzerland Lista Racing Team Switzerland Bruno Eichmann Argo JM3 BMW 2, 5, 8
Switzerland Jürg Lienhard March 793 Toyota 2, 8
Italy Marlboro Valtellina Racing Team Italy Daniele Albertin Ralt RT1 Toyota 2, 8
West Germany MCS Stuttgart West Germany Reinhold Uhl March 743/3 BMW 1–2, 4
Sweden Meltonian Racing Sweden Bengt Trägardh Ralt RT1/12 Toyota 6
West Germany Peter Cornand West Germany Peter Cornand Chevron B43 Toyota 2–6, 8
West Germany Peter Hoffmann West Germany Peter Hoffmann Ralt RT1/25 BMW 7
West Germany Peter Wicks West Germany Peter Wicks Chevron B38 Toyota 2–7
West Germany Peter Wisskirchen West Germany Peter Wisskirchen Ralt RT1/137 Toyota 1–5, 7–8
Netherlands Racing Team Holland Netherlands Arie Luyendijk Argo JM3 Toyota 2, 8
United Kingdom The RMC Group United Kingdom Kenny Acheson March 793/13 Toyota 6–7
Belgium Roger Heavens Racing Netherlands Michael Bleekemolen March 793/19 Toyota 2, 6, 8
Belgium Thierry Boutsen March 793 1–2, 6, 8
Austria RT Gätmo Tuning West Germany Michael Baumann Eufra H18 Toyota 7
Austria Walter Lechner March 783 All
West Germany Jürgen Schlich Chevron B38 6–8
West Germany Willy Weiss Ralt RT1 7–8
Switzerland Sauber Racing Switzerland Beat Blatter Lola T670 Toyota 8
Switzerland Max Welti Lola T670 8
West Germany Scuderia Avus West Germany Olaf Höhn Derichs D37/F3-78-03 BMW 2, 4–6
West Germany Scuderia Colonia West Germany Willi Hüsgen Brabham BT28 BMW 1, 4
Chile Schick Toyota Chilean Team Chile Eliseo Salazar Ralt RT3/160 Toyota 6
Sweden Strike Ten Racing Team Sweden Slim Borgudd Ralt RT1/126 Toyota 2, 8
West Germany Thomas Holert West Germany Thomas Holert Maco 378/M017 Toyota All
Sweden Thorbjörn Carlsson Sweden Thorbjörn Carlsson Ralt RT1/110 Toyota 2, 4
West Germany Volkswagen Motorsport – Spiess Tuning West Germany Helmut Henzler March 793 Volkswagen 2, 8
Austria Walter Schöch Racing Austria Walter Schöch Ralt RT1/45 Toyota 4


All rounds were held in West Germany, excepting Zolder rounds that were held in Belgium.

Round Location Circuit Date Supporting
1 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium Circuit Zolder 11 March X. AvD/MVBL "Bergischer Löwe"
2 Nürburg, West Germany Nürburgring 1 April XIV. ADAC Goodyear 300 km Rennen
3 Fassberg, West Germany Fassberg Air Base 6 May ADAC Flugplatzrennen Faßberg
4 Wunstorf, West Germany Wunstorf 27 May ADAC Flugplatz-Rennen Wunstorf
5 Diepholz, West Germany Diepholz Airfield Circuit 22 July 12. ADAC-Flugplatzrennen Diepholz
6 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium Circuit Zolder 19 August 13. ADAC-Westfalen-Pokal-Rennen
7 Nürburg, West Germany Nürburgring 23 September VI. ADAC-Bilstein-Super-Sprint
8 Kassel-Calden, West Germany Kassel Airport 7 October ADAC-Hessen-Preis'


Round Circuit Pole Position Fastest Lap Winning driver Winning team
1 Circuit Zolder West Germany Michael Korten Belgium Thierry Boutsen Belgium Thierry Boutsen Belgium Roger Heavens Racing
2 Nürburgring The round was cancelled due to snowfall[4]
3 Fassberg Air Base West Germany Hans-Georg Bürger no data West Germany Michael Korten West Germany Klaus Zimmermann Racing Team
4 Wunstorf no data no data West Germany Ernst Maring West Germany Ernst Maring
5 Diepholz Airfield Circuit West Germany Hans-Georg Bürger no data West Germany Hans-Georg Bürger West Germany Bertram Schäfer Racing
6 Circuit Zolder West Germany Hans-Georg Bürger United Kingdom Kenny Acheson Netherlands Michael Bleekemolen Belgium Roger Heavens Racing
7 Nürburgring West Germany Michael Korten no data West Germany Michael Korten West Germany Klaus Zimmermann Racing Team
8 Kassel Airport Netherlands Michael Bleekemolen West Germany Helmut Henzler West Germany Michael Korten West Germany Klaus Zimmermann Racing Team

Championship standings

  • Points are awarded as follows:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
20 15 12 10 8 6 4 3 2 1
1 West Germany Michael Korten 2 C 1 3 6 1 1 105
2 West Germany Hans-Georg Bürger 3 C 4 1 2 6 Ret 73
3 Austria Walter Lechner 7 C 2 3 11 4 8 8 62
4 West Germany Ernst Maring C 9 1 7 8 13 6 53
5 West Germany Helmut Bross 8 C 3 2 10 9 5 Ret 51
6 West Germany Georg Bellof 5 C Ret 5 Ret 3 14 38
7 Austria Franz Konrad 6 C DNS 3 7 7 38
8 West Germany Peter Kroeber 4 C 10 12 4 Ret Ret DNS 25
9 West Germany Thomas Holert 15 C 6 7 9 14 14 13 24
10 West Germany Andy Wietzke DNS C 5 6 Ret 12 Ret 20
11 West Germany Peter Wisskirchen 10 C 7 5 Ret 12 Ret 17
12 West Germany Jürgen Schlich Ret C 13 4 Ret 15
13 West Germany Helmut Henzler C 10 8
14 West Germany Harald Brutschin 12 6
15 West Germany Peter Cornand C 8 Ret 13 Ret 16 6
16 West Germany Peter Wicks C Ret 9 Ret Ret 11 5
17 Austria Walter Schöch 8 4
18 West Germany Heinrich Heintz 11 C 10 16 Ret 4
19 West Germany Konrad Heberer 9 C 3
20 West Germany Bernd Wicks C Ret Ret Ret 10 3
21 West Germany Uwe Reich 12 2
22 West Germany Willi Husgen DNS 11 1
West Germany Herbert Rostek 11 0
West Germany Reinhold Uhl 12 C Ret 0
West Germany Peter Bonk 13 Ret 0
West Germany Hans-Jürgen Weber 13 0
West Germany Dieter Bohnhorst 14 Ret 0
West Germany Bernd Breil Ret Ret Ret Ret DNS 0
West Germany Franz-Josef Kaiser Ret 0
West Germany Georg Florescu C Ret 0
West Germany Dietmar Flöer Ret 0
West Germany Olaf Höhn C Ret Ret Ret 0
West Germany Bernd Heuer Ret 0
guest drivers ineligible to score points
Netherlands Michael Bleekemolen C 1 9 0
Belgium Thierry Boutsen 1 C Ret Ret 0
Sweden Slim Borgudd C 2 0
United Kingdom Kenny Acheson 3 2 0
United Kingdom Alan Smith C 2 0
Italy Daniele Albertin C 3 0
Austria Jo Gartner C 15 Ret 4 0
Sweden Thorbjörn Carlsson C 4 0
Switzerland Jürg Lienhard C 5 0
Switzerland Fridolin Wettstein 6 0
Netherlands Hans Kitsz 7 0
Sweden Leo Andersson 8 0
Switzerland Hanspeter Kaufmann Ret 9 0
Switzerland Marcel Wettstein C 10 0
Austria Karl Schuchnig C Ret 11 0
Switzerland Jo Zeller C 11 0
West Germany Kurt Lotterschmid 15 0
Switzerland Urs Dudler 15 0
Switzerland Jörg Reto 16 0
Switzerland Marcus Simeon Ret Ret DNQ 0
Switzerland Bruno Eichmann C Ret Ret 0
West Germany Willy Weiss Ret Ret Ret 0
West Germany Gero Fleck Ret DNS 0
Netherlands Arie Luyendijk C Ret 0
Chile Eliseo Salazar Ret 0
Sweden Bengt Trägardh Ret 0
West Germany Hannelore Werner Ret 0
West Germany Frithjof Erpelding Ret 0
West Germany Peter Hoffmann Ret 0
West Germany Michael Baumann Ret 0
Sweden Egert Haglund C Ret 0
France Richard Dallest C Ret 0
France Philippe Streiff C Ret 0
Switzerland Max Welti Ret 0
Switzerland Bruno Huber Ret 0
Switzerland Beat Blatter Ret 0
Switzerland Armin Conrad Ret 0
Switzerland Jean-Yves Simeni DNQ 0
Sweden Tryggve Grönvall C DNQ 0
Colour Result
Gold Winner
Silver 2nd place
Bronze 3rd place
Green Points finish
Blue Non-points finish
Non-classified finish (NC)
Purple Retired (Ret)
Red Did not qualify (DNQ)
Did not pre-qualify (DNPQ)
Black Disqualified (DSQ)
White Did not start (DNS)
Withdrew (WD)
Race cancelled (C)
Blank Did not participate (DNP)
Excluded (EX)

Bold – Pole
Italics – Fastest Lap


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