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List of years in poetry (table)
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Works published in English

Listed by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:


Anthologies in Canada

India in English

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Anthologies in the United Kingdom

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Anthologies in the United States

Other in English

Works published in other languages

Listed by language and often by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:


French language

Canada, in French


German language



Listed in alphabetical order by first name:



Portuguese language


Criticism and theory
  • Augusto de Campos, O balanço da Bossa, a study of the relationship of Brazilian popular music to "vanguardist" poetry
  • Luiz Costa Lima, Lira e Antilira, essays on modern Brazilian poetry
  • Décio Pignatari, Informação, Linguagem, Communicação, critical study of vanguardist art and mass culture


Spanish language



United States


Soviet Union


Other languages

Awards and honors


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