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This is a list of comics-related events in 1955.

Publications and events





  • The first issue of the American comics magazine M.D. by EC Comics is published. It will only last until December.







  • November 15: The final episode of Phiny Dick, Coen van Hunnik and Richard Klokkers' Olle Kapoen is published. [6]
  • November 20: Malang's Chain Gang Charlie makes its debut. [7]
  • November 24: Dupuis releases the Belgian comics magazine Risque-Tout, which will appear until 1 November 1956.
  • The first issue of Marvel Comics' Snafu is published, but it will only last three issues and disappear in March 1956.[8][9]


Specific date unknown

  • The final episode of both Arthur Warden's Snowdrop's Zoo and Tuffy and his Magic Tail is published. [10]



  • March 22: Kristoffer Aamot, Norwegian journalist, film director, politician and comics writer (Skomakker Bekk of Tvillingene Hans), dies at age 65.


  • April 21: Knut Stangenberg, Swedish comics artist (Fridolf Celinder), dies at age 83. [11]


  • August 5: André Vlaanderen, Dutch comics artist (advertising comic books for the Gazelle bicycle factory), passes away at age 73.[12]
  • August 25: Kitazawa Rakuten, Japanese manga artist (Tagosaku and Mokube's Sightseeing in Tokyo, The Failures of Kidoro Haikara, Chame and Dekobo, Nukesaku Teino, Tonda Haneko Jo, founder of the magazines Tokyo Puck and Rakuten Puck), passes away at age 82. [13]



Specific date unknown

  • Ellison Hoover, American cartoonist and comics artist (Mr. and Mrs.), passes away at age 66 or 67.[17]
  • Erich F.T. Schenk, German-American painter, children's book illustrator, animator and comics artist (Sleeping' Lena, Silas Skinflint, Blowaway), dies at age 53 or 54. [18]
  • William de la Torre, Mexican comics artist (Pedrito), dies at age 39. [19]

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