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Events from the year 1952 in Pakistan.



Federal government



  • January 26 – At the Dhaka session of the ruling Muslim League party, prime minister Khawaja Nazimuddin declares Urdu the national language of the state of Pakistan.[1][2]
  • January 30 – The Awami League holds a secret meeting, attended by a number of members from the communist front mobilising full political and student support.[2]
  • February 20 – Section 144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898, prohibiting processions and meetings is promulgated in Dhaka.[2]
  • February 21 – The first ethnic riots occur in Dhaka, East Pakistan against attempts to make Urdu the national language and lack of representation for Bengalis in central administration. This marks the start of the political struggle for the Bengali Language Movement.[1]


  • May 15 – Conference is held amongst delegates from India and Pakistan in Karachi to consider implementation of a visa and passport system between the two countries.


  • August 14 – Pakistan celebrates 5 years of independence.


  • November 23 – Basic Principles Committee (BPC) presents the second revised report to the Constituent Assembly. The report called for a parity of representation between East and West Pakistan in parliament elected on the basis of separate balloting for minorities.




Full date unknown


  • Ahmed Ullah Ajmeri, film director
  • January 7 – Ustad Jhande Khan, music composer and director
  • April 16 – Arzoo Lucknowi, Urdu poet
  • August 1 – Jamshed Nusserwanjee Mehta, first and longest-serving mayor of Karachi

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