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List of years in poetry (table)
In literature

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  • Charles Olson publishes his seminal essay, "Projective Verse". In this, he calls for a poetry of "open field" composition to replace traditional closed poetic forms with an improvised form that should reflect exactly the content of the poem. This form is to be based on the line, and each line is to be a unit of breath and of utterance. The content is to consist of "one perception immediately and directly (leading) to a further perception". This essay becomes a kind of de facto manifesto for the Black Mountain poets.
  • George Oppen and his wife, Mary, move from the United States to Mexico, where their links to Communism are less problematic.
  • The Beloit Poetry Journal is founded by Robert Glauber and Chad Walsh. It is intended to be a publication of Beloit College since Walsh is an English teacher there.[1]
  • Pioneer Press founded in Jamaica.[2]
  • Saint Lucia Arts Guild founded by Derek and Roderick Walcott.[2]

Works published in English

Listed by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:


India, in English

New Zealand

United Kingdom

United States

Other in English

Works published in other languages

Listed by nation where the work was first published and again by the poet's native land, if different; substantially revised works listed separately:




  • Haim Gouri, Ad A lot Ha-Shahar ("Till Dawn"), poetry and war diary, Israeli writing in Hebrew[18]
  • Hillel Omer (who wrote under the name "Ayin Hillel"), Eretz Ha-Tzohorayim ("The Noon Country"), Publisher: Sifriat Poalim; Israel


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