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List of years in television (table)

The year 1944 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events during 1944.


  • May 22 – The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) increases its limits for single ownership of television stations from three to five.
  • May 25 – First commercial U.S. telecast by relay. Eddie Cantor is broadcast from NBC's Manhattan station WNBT to Philco's Philadelphia station WPTZ, via an automatic relay tower halfway between the two cities. (The AT&T corporation's coaxial cable between the cities is unavailable because of the war.) NBC stops broadcasting Cantor in the middle of his rendition of the song "We're Having a Baby, My Baby and Me" when it finds some of the lyrics and his gestures "objectionable."
  • August 16
    • Paris télévision – Fernsehsender Paris stops broadcasting. Broadcasting is resumed by the new French government in October 1944 under the name Télévision française with the same technical equipment.
    • John Logie Baird demonstrates the world's first color television picture tube. Color movies are shown from a flying-spot scanner.


Television shows

Series Debut Ended
Thrills and Chills Everywere August 27, 1941 1946?
The Face of the War September 12, 1941 1945
The Voice of Firestone Televues 1943 1947
1949 1963
The War As It Happens February 21, 1944 1945
Missus Goes a Shopping August 1, 1944 1949
The World in Your Home 1944 1948
Will You Remember? 1944 1945?
Opinions on Trial 1944 1945?
At Home 1944 1945



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