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On May 15, 1936, president of Poland Ignacy Mościcki designed the government under prime minister Felicjan Sławoj Składkowski. The government was dissolved on September 30, 1939. This was the last government of the Second Polish Republic which resided in Warsaw.

Members of the government

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  • March 1: Warsaw I station of the Polskie Radio (Polosh Radio) is opened (see Radio stations in interwar Poland),
  • March 12. The Minister of Military Affairs orders creation of units of the National Defense,
  • March 20: construction of the town and steel mill Stalowa Wola begins. On the same day, premiere of the film “Ordynat Michorowski” (“Count Michorowski”) takes place,
  • March 31. Minister of Internal Affairs dissolves City Council of Łódź, dominated by left-wing activists.


  • April 2. President Ignacy Mościcki posthumously awards Order of Polonia Restituta to pianist Karol Szymanowski,
  • April 7. Karol Szymanowski is buried at the Skalka Cemetery in Kraków,
  • April 9. General strike action in Łódź, against dissolution of its City Council,
  • April 18. During the commemoration of the anniversary of the Battle of Racławice, the police kill 3 participants, wounding several others,
  • April 20. Premiere of the film “Dorozkaz nr 13” (“Cab Driver nr. 13”),
  • April 23. The Sejm declares November 11 as the National Independence Day,


  • May 13. Street riots at Brzesc nad Bugiem, after police officer Stefan Kedziora is killed by a local Jew, Welwel Szczebowski,
  • May 26. The government dissolves the League of Defence of Human and Citizen Rights, which had defended political prisoners.


  • June 1. Coat of arms of the City of Kraków is officially established,
  • June 20. Bishop Adam Stefan Sapieha confirms his plan to move the body of Józef Piłsudski to a crypt located under the Silver Bell Tower of the Wawel,
  • June 22. Association of Young Poland, a youth movement of the Camp of National Unity is founded,



  • August 1. First regular bus service is established at Sosnowiec.
  • August 15. 1937 peasant strike in Poland begins,
  • August 19. Police kill two peasants, blocking the road at the village in Harta,
  • August 25. Peasant strike ends, with 15 peasants killed by the police in the village of Majdan Sieniawski,


  • September 4. Rectors of several colleges introduce the so-called Ghetto benches,
  • September 16. Premiere of the Znachor,


  • October 2. The Association of Patriotic Left is founded,
  • October 3. The Association of Polish Trade Unions is founded,
  • October 5. Polish-German Agreement on Transit via the Polish Corridor is signed,
  • October 10. Labor Party is founded, with Wojciech Korfanty as its leader,
  • October 18. The Democratic Club, later renamed into Alliance of Democrats is founded,
  • October 19. Council of Physicians of the Polish State introduces the so-called Aryan paragraph,
  • October 26. Premiere of the film “Dziewczeta z Nowolipek” (“Girls of Nowolipki”). On the same day, General Józef Dowbor-Muśnicki dies in Batorowo near Poznań,
  • October 27. New pattern of vehicle licence plates is introduced,


  • November 11. First celebration of Polish Independence Day,
  • November 25. First raising of the flag of ORP Błyskawica,
  • November 27. Council of Ministers reactivates Legia Akademicka (Academic Legion), a paramilitary organization of student volunteers,




  • January 1. In a friendly game at Stuttgart, Ruch Chorzów beats VfB Stuttgart 3-1. All three goals for the Polish football champions are scored by Ernst Wilimowski,
  • January 3. In a friendly game in Chorzów, football team of AKS Chorzów beats 5-0 the champion of Latvia, Olimpija Liepāja,
  • January 4. Women's Volleyball Championships of Poland begin in Łódź, with eight teams: Polonia Warszawa, AZS Lwów, HKS Łódź, Olsza Kraków, Gryf Toruń, Unia Lublin, Warta Poznań and AZS Warszawa. The tournament is won by HKS Łódź,
  • January 7. In Poznań, Polish boxing team beats 12-4 Norway,
  • January 15. Men's Volleyball Championships of Poland begin in Warsaw, with ten teams: AZS Warsaw, Sokol Piotrkow Trybunalski, WKS Łódź, YMCA Kraków, Jednosc Ostrow Wielkopolski, Polonia Warszawa, KPW Katowice, Gryf Toruń, Sokol II Lwów, Ognisko Wilno. The tournament is won by Polonia Warszawa,
  • January 16. Table Tennis Championships of Poland begin in Tarnów. Skiing Championships of Poland begin in Wisła.


  • February 2. Ice-hockey championship of Poland begins in Krynica, with six teams (AZS Warszawa, KTH Krynica, Cracovia, Czarni Lwów, Warszawianka, AZS Poznań),


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  • Ilustrowany Kurjer Codzienny in digital version
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