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Events in the year 1935 in Germany.


National level

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  • 13 January — A plebiscite in the Territory of the Saar Basin shows that 90.3% of those voting wish to join Germany.
  • 15 February — The discovery and clinical development of Prontosil, the first broadly effective antibacterial drug, is published in a series of articles in Germany's pre-eminent medical journal, Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift, by Gerhard Domagk.
  • 1 March — Following the referendum on 13 January, Germany retakes the Saar region from League of Nations control.[1]
  • 11 March - The German Air force, the Luftwaffe, is officially created in a proclamation by Hermann Göring
  • 16 March — Adolf Hitler announces German rearmament in violation of the Treaty of Versailles.
  • 22 March — The first Television program is broadcast from the Funkturm in Berlin by Fernsehsender Paul Nipkow (TV Station Paul Nipkow)
  • 28 April — Hitler orders 12 submarines in defiance of the Treaty of Versailles.
  • 21 May — The "Defense Law" (Wehrgesetz) is issued and bans Jews from the armed forces by stipulating that only “Aryans” could serve; it also formalizes the introduction of the general compulsory military service for “Aryans” from 1 October 1935.[2]
  • 18 June — Anglo-German Naval Agreement: the United Kingdom agrees to a German navy equal to 35% of her own naval tonnage.
  • 10–16 September — The 7th Nazi Party Congress is held in Nuremberg, and is called the "Rally of Freedom" (Reichsparteitag der Freiheit) in reference to the reintroduction of compulsory military service and German "liberation" from the Treaty of Versailles.
  • 15 September — The Nuremberg Laws go into effect in Germany. Following an incident of vandalism on the SS Bremen in New York City, the Nazi Party flag emblazoned with the swastika is made the German National Flag on Hitler's orders.
  • 10 October — A tornado destroys the 160 metre tall wooden radio tower in Langenberg, Germany. As a result of this catastrophe wooden radio towers are phased out.
  • 12 December — Lebensborn Project, a Nazi reproduction program, is founded by Heinrich Himmler.




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