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The 1924 Isle of Man Tourist Trophy saw the introduction of the Ultra-Lightweight class for motorcycles of 175 cc capacity that was run only twice, in 1924 and 1925. This was the second year of the Sidecar race that would also be dropped after 1925.

The Ultra-Lightweight TT began with a massed-start for competitors rather than pairs as with the normal time-trial format of the TT races. The winner of the first Ultra-Lightweight TT was Jock Porter riding a New Gerrard at an average speed of 51.21 mph (82.41 km/h).

The Junior TT race was won by Ken Twemlow on a New Imperial at an average speed of 55.67 mph (89.59 km/h). In the same Junior race, Jimmie Simpson set a new lap record of 35 minutes and 5 seconds at an average speed of 64.54 mph (103.87 km/h) on an AJS – the first average lap-speed over 60 mph. The Lightweight and Senior TT races were run in conjunction, and Eddie Twemlow (brother to Ken Twemlow) riding a New Imperial won the six-lap race in 4 hours, 5 minutes and 3 seconds, an average speed of 55.44 mph (89.22 km/h).

The Senior TT, like the Junior race, was also run at a record breaking pace and was the first with a race-average speed over 60 mph (97 km/h). The six-lap race was won by Alec Bennett riding a Norton in 3 hours, 40 minutes and 24. 6 seconds, with an average speed of 61.64 mph (99.20 km/h).

Senior TT (500cc)

Rank Rider Team Speed Time Laps
1 United Kingdom Alec Bennett Norton 61.64 mph (99.20 km/h) 6
2 United Kingdom Harry Langman Scott 61.23 6
3 United Kingdom Freddie Dixon Douglas 60.17 6
9 Scotland J A Stuart Norton 6

Junior TT (350cc)

6 laps (226.38 miles) – Mountain Course.

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Kenneth Twemlow New Imperial 56.68 mph 4:04.49.0
2 United Kingdom S. Ollerhead DOT 54.91 mph 4:07.26.2
3 South Africa I. H. R. Scott AJS 54.55 mph 4:09.01.6
4 United Kingdom Cecil Ashby Montgomery 53.39 mph 4:14.27.4
5 United Kingdom Harold J. Willis Montgomery 52.80 mph 4:17.18.8
6 United Kingdom J. L. E. Emerson DOT 4:20.39.8
7 United Kingdom F. Simpson Jnr Excelsior 4:28.55.2
8 United Kingdom L. Nicholson OEC-Blackburne 4:31.38.0
9 United Kingdom F. R. Marston AJS 4:31.39.0
10 United Kingdom J. W. Shaw Zenith 4:43.48.4

Lightweight TT (250 cc)

6 laps (226.38 miles) – Mountain Course.

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Edwin Twemlow New Imperial 55.44 mph 4:05.03.0
2 United Kingdom H. F. Brocklebank Cotton 52.85 mph 4:17.05.0
3 United Kingdom J. Cooke DOT 52.54 mph 4:18.03.0
4 United Kingdom L. J. Cridland JES 51.84 mph 4:22.03.0
5 United Kingdom P. Pike Levis 51.16 mph 4:25.31.0
6 United Kingdom H. F. Harris New Imperial 50.50 mph 4:29.01.0
7 United Kingdom F. Simpson Jnr Excelsior 4:32.50.0
8 United Kingdom C. G. S. Cleare OK-Supreme 4:38.50.0
9 Republic of Ireland C. W. Johnston Cotton 4:40.23.0
10 United Kingdom Geoff S.Davison Levis 4:52.40.0

Ultra-Lightweight TT (175 cc)

3 laps (113.00 miles) – Mountain Course.

Rank Rider Team Speed Time
1 United Kingdom Jock Porter New Gerrard 51.93 mph 4:21.37.0
2 United Kingdom Bert le Vack New Imperial 51.14 mph 4:26.19.0
3 United Kingdom D. Hall Rex-Acme 49.53 mph 4:34.20.0
4 United Kingdom R. Gray Rex-Acme 49.31 mph 4:35.29.0
5 United Kingdom N. Black Cedos 49.25 mph 4:35.36.0
6 United Kingdom L. Horton New Imperial 49.15 mph 4:36.29.0
7 United Kingdom P. Pike Levis
8 United Kingdom Wal Handley OK-Supreme
9 United Kingdom Alec Bennett Diamond
10 United Kingdom F. Simpson Jr Excelsior

Sidecar TT (500 cc)

Rank Rider Team Speed Time Laps
1 United Kingdom George H Tucker Norton 2.07.48 51.31 mph (82.58 km/h) 3
2 United Kingdom Harry Reed DOT 43.80 3
3 United Kingdom A Tinkler Matador 42.49 3

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