1839 in Canada

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Events from the year 1839 in Canada.


Federal government



  • February 15 – Chevalier DeLorimier and others who joined in the Rebellion are executed.
  • April 11 – Death of John Galt, novelist, one of the originators of the British American Land Company.
  • June 24 – Last meeting of the Committee of Trade, forerunner of the Board of Trade.
  • September 26 – Canadian rebels are transported to New South Wales.
  • October 19 – Hon C. Thompson, Governor of Upper and Lower Canada, arrives. It is determined that Upper and Lower Canada shall share revenue in the ratio of 2 to 3.

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  • Lord Durham's report recommends the establishment of responsible government and the union of Upper and Lower Canada to speed the assimilation of French-speaking Canadians.
  • Territorial disputes between lumbermen from Maine and New Brunswick lead to armed conflict in the Aroostook River valley (the Aroostook War).
  • First Horse Railway in Upper Canada.
  • Mount Allison University founded by Charles Frederick Allison in Sackville, New Brunswick.


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