1789 in France

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Events from the year 1789 in France



Date Events Photos
April 26
Fusillade au fauxbourg Antoine.jpg
May 5
June 20
Serment du jeu de paume.jpg
July 9
July 11
Necker, Jacques - Duplessis.jpg
July 12
  • An angry Parisian crowd, inflamed by a speech from journalist Camille Desmoulins, demonstrates against the King's decision to dismiss Necker.
  • Paris is in a state of generalized riot. There are clashes between the protesters and the riders of the Royal-Allemand cavalry.
Motion faite au Palais Royal.jpg
July 13
  • The convent of Saint-Lazare is totally looted and ransacked following a rumor that grains and weapons would be stored there.
  • The people begin to seize arms for the defense of Paris.
Evénement de la matinée du 13 juillet 1789 a Paris.jpg
July 14
  • Citizens of Paris storm the fortress of the Bastille, and free the only seven prisoners held. In rural areas, peasants attack manors of the nobility.
  • The governor of the Bastille, Launay, three officers and three disabled are arrested and escorted to the city hall and massacred by the crowd.
  • Jacques de Flesselles, provost of the merchants of Paris, is accused of treason and killed with a pistol shot.
Prise de la Bastille.jpg
July 15
  • In the morning, the king announces before the assembly that he has given the order to withdraw the troops from Paris.
  • The crowd seized the arsenal at Rennes; the soldiers refused to fire on the people.
  • Cannons of Paris are brought to Montmartre.
Canons de Paris portés à Montmartre.jpg
July 19
Mise à sac de l'Hôtel de Ville de Strasbourg le 19 juillet 1789 (gravure de l'époque).jpg
July 22
Supplice Joseph-François Foullon, 23 juillet 1789, Musée de la Révolution française - Vizille.jpg
August 4
Nuit du 4 aout 1789, Musée de la Révolution française - Vizille.jpg
October 1
Orgie des Gardes du corps dans la salle de l'Opéra de Versailles - le 1er octobre 1789.jpeg
October 5
A Versailles, à Versailles 5 octobre 1789.jpg




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