1773 in Canada

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Events from the year 1773 in Canada.




  • December – Prominent French Canadians petition the King to restore their ancient laws and accord them the rights of British subjects, reminding him that five-sixths of the seigniories belong to Frenchmen. They represent that the Labrador Coast and fisheries, now alienated to Newfoundland, should revert to Canada. They prefer a Legislative Council, nominated by the King, because less expensive than an Elective Assembly.
  • Lord Dartmouth promises Canadians just and considerate treatment respecting their religion.
  • Montreal Ft. La Traite, on Churchill River, by Frobisher to cut into HBC's trade.


Full date unknown

  • Joseph Willcocks, diarist, office holder, printer, publisher, journalist, politician, and army officer (d.1814)


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