1741 in Canada

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Events from the year 1741 in Canada.




  • First Fort Dauphin, was built near Winnipegosis, Manitoba.
  • Vitus Bering, in service of Russia, reaches Alaska; Russians soon trade with natives for sea otter pelts.
  • Alexei Chirikof, with Bering expedition, sights land on July 15; the Europeans had found Alaska.
  • Russians Vitus Bering and Aleksi Cherikov 'discover' Alaska and bring back fur skins (Bering shipwrecked on return and died); the Fur Rush is on.
  • The lives of early Alaskans remained basically unchanged for thousands of years, until Russian sailors, led by Danish explorer Vitus Bering, sighted Alaska's mainland in 1741.
  • The Russians were soon followed by British, Spanish, and American adventurers. But it was the Russians who stayed to trade for the pelts of sea otters and other fur-bearing animals, interjecting their own culture and staking a strong claim on Alaska. Once the fur trade declined, however, the Russians lost interest in this beautiful though largely unexplored land.
  • Fort Bourbon established near present-day Grand Rapids, Manitoba.
  • François-Josué de la Corne Dubreuil appointed commandant at Fort Kaministiquia.



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